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Daylight is no harbour
From all unpleasant things.
It too can bring the horrors
That the darkest nightfall brings.
This morning I thought different;
I thought that I'd be safe
If the sun were shining,
But there is no untouched place.
Day and night are just the same,
I know that now so well.
No difference between the secrets
Day and night may have to tell.
Humanity forgotten,
Is this all that we can be?
Another world has fallen
To endless misery.
Just another angry face
With an incandescent mind;
Curse the rotten, lowly souls
Who plague our humankind.
CatGal15|3:00 AM|07.03.17
:iconcatgal15:CatGal15 2 0
Slaying angels in my sleep.
Bless the scars that run too deep.
Sharing death under poisoned skies -
Starlight guides us to demise.
Human hearts beating on the floor,
Knocking hands upon Heaven's door.
Mortal armies thrown away -
With nothing profound left to say.
Pages turning in the dark,
Slitting tongues with cutting remarks.
A voyage through the calmest waves
Will take them to their watery graves.
Devils asking angels to dance
Is the palest shade of circumstance.
While we curse at life, and curse at fate,
Who guards the guardian of the gate?
Another slash across the skin
To try and harm the soul within.
Sharing death under poisoned skies -
Starlight guides us to demise.
I don't know what to believe,
It's not my choice no more to grieve.
Come and join me past this gate;
I haven't an eternity to wait.
Finally I can reach the stars...
CatGal15|2:15 AM|05.14.17
Fixed on 06.28.17 at 4:15 AM
:iconcatgal15:CatGal15 1 0
I'm sorry I'm not perfect,
Not outside or within.
My shell ain't much to brag about
And I'm so weak it's a sin.
My eyes, they are the dullest shade,
And I have scars that just won't fade.
I have secrets you must never know,
But I hope you don't let me go.
I'm sorry I'm not perfect,
I'm changing all I can.
But all I want within my life
Is to be loved as I am.
I'm not as old as I appear,
But I too have reasons for being here.
I have a past I'd rather hide -
I'm made of fear and hurting pride.
I'm sorry I'm not perfect,
With my long and stringy hair;
Or a face that no matter how happy I am,
Looks like I just don't care.
My fingers all seem short and fat,
My toes and earlobes look like that.
My lips have no shape or appeal
But my heart definitely can feel.
I'm sorry I'm not perfect,
Not outside or within.
I can't even start to admit
All the bad places my mind's been.
But just because I look so plain
Doesn't mean my heart's the same.
Get to know me, and you'll see
I have dreams that far
:iconcatgal15:CatGal15 1 0
It isn't like I want to hide,
But I'm a ghost who never died.
Seems my loved ones never knew me.
Like strangers they just looked right through me.
Can't you see me standing here?
Can't you hear me call your name?

It isn't like I never speak,
I yell and cuss 'til I feel weak.
But no one even gives a damn,
'Bout what I do and who I am.
Can't you see me standing here?
Can't you hear me call your name?

All the things I've done might never well exist,
I have to wonder if I died, would I even be missed?
It isn't like I want to hide,
But I'm a ghost who never died.
No one even gives a damn,
'Bout what I do and who I am.
CatGal15|2:30 AM|06.18.17
:iconcatgal15:CatGal15 2 2
I hear the blowing winds of fate,
Rushing right through Heaven's gate.
The carpet cloud so soft and white -
Haloed by a golden light.
My consciousness speaks in my ear:
You have nothing now to fear.
All I lost before my eyes,
Escorting me across the skies.
Loved ones for whom I had cried
Every time each one had died.
Life had not gone how we'd planned -
And now they reach out for my hand.
The gates swing shut and I'm still here;
This new life shan't disappear.
Bouncing 'cross the clouds of cream,
Trapped within a charming dream.
Here I dwell within these skies -
'Til you abruptly blink your eyes.
But I can still see Heaven shine
From your eyes and into mine.
Showing me a world divine.
Where soulmates are no rarity -
I see it with such clarity.
I'm looking at the world anew,
Home is heaven.
Home is you.
CatGal15|3:45 AM|04.08.17
Extended on April 25th
:iconcatgal15:CatGal15 3 3
The Mistake
Awake and seek your sacrifice,
Another day in paradise.
Precious venom on your lips
To make me crave a poisoned kiss...
The beauty of a soul unborn,
The shackles of your loveless scorn.
Thoughts within a monster's mind
To steal my heart and throw me blind.
Never have I felt such fear -
You cannot keep me prison here!
Watch me.
Darkness falls upon this room,
I know I'm trapped inside my tomb.
Waiting for the dawn to break,
Waiting for the sun to wake.
The spikes dig deeply in my skin,
Waking the devil within.
Thoughts within a monster's mind
I shed light on for you to find.
Never have you felt such rage -
I watch as you dig your own grave.
Try and stop me.
Savage nightmares own my dreams,
I'm living in a land of screams.
Hell invited me inside
And I came in to salve my pride.
Did you know Hell is brighter than Heaven?
CatGal15|11:00 PM|05.11.17
:iconcatgal15:CatGal15 3 4
The Photo
A familiar stranger from my past
Stares at me from inside glass.
I once was everything about her -
And somehow I have lived without her.
It all comes back now in a rush,
And I realize I miss me very much.
Her life and mine are not the same.
She lives tucked inside a frame;
Where things were different - and you know what's strange?
I didn't even feel this change.
How does this happen?
All these photos, all around me -
My past is here, somehow it found me;
And not a thing at all to ground me.
Curse time.
It kills.

CatGal15|7:45 PM|05.04.17
:iconcatgal15:CatGal15 2 2
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Skaftafell Glacier Lake by somadjinn Skaftafell Glacier Lake :iconsomadjinn:somadjinn 177 22 Le Jour Se Leve 2017 1 by hubert61 Le Jour Se Leve 2017 1 :iconhubert61:hubert61 105 6
A message to the broken
You drown yourself
in liquid sorrows,
letting the salty mess
burn your wounds,
and the sadness
to drip in your mouth,
consuming your words
and you say
you deserve the pain,
but I want to dry your face,
and whisper in your ear
how the clouds cry too,
while they hold such beauty,
and so do you.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 564 230
Don't give up yet
I could feel the water rushing
as it clouded up my eyes,
with rocks tied to my ankles
and salty kelp upon my thighs
and I heard the soft waves whisper
water-logged words into my ear:
"A life boats just
around the sea bend,
keep paddling my dear."
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 200 59
Insanity needs company
and now I’m stuck here,
how the walls became
a veiny sight-
(could the cause be me calling out
your name
in the middle of the night?)
and alone I stand here,
how my feet got
nailed upon this floor-
(do you hold my ankles
like an anchor
does the shore?)
and I know it’s been thirteen years
since you were here at all,
according to the hash marks
carved upon
the wooden wall
but I can’t
let go
of our memories,
that haunt
me everyday
so for now,
I’ll let the doc declare:
Insanity needs company.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 207 100
You said you'd burn bridges for me
I broke my bones
into sticks
and stones-
let them
pile for
a fire
in the end
as I burned,
the only answer
I yearned:
was it you
who lit
the match?
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 188 43
read when you feel drained
There will be days
when your thoughts overflow,
like hot tea
in the kettle of your mind
and you may feel
steeped like a tea bag,
as everyone extracts
what you have to offer,
and you're  s l o w l y  becoming drained
but just remember
when you're put in hot water:
you have the strength to change it into something greater.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 231 63
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Kimberly Rose
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Current Residence: Mission, BC Canada
Favorite genre of music: Metal, trance, techno
Favorite style of art: Fantasy, photography, and poetry.

Greetings, Earthlings. My name is Kimberly. I'm an English literate and I'm 24. I just want to discover your creations, and maybe chat with people who share my interests. I mostly do literature and photography, and sometimes I'll submit photographs that were taken by family. I do not upload anything without permission from and credit to the original artist.
Also, I would like to apologize for the murky water and gray skies in most photography I post...That's Mission for you.
Lastly, feedback, Favorites, and Watches are appreciated. Thanks.
You can find my fan-fiction here:…
You can find me on The Big Bang Theory forum here:…
Main dA chatroom:…
Those normalized Disney princesses look much better than the originals. Moana, Elsa, Rapunzel, they all look pretty ridiculous; with their pencil necks, eyes bigger than their wrists, their eyebrows that can rise four inches. Their excuse is that they think it's cute - that bigger eyes have more expression. They don't; they just look nervous all the time. I guess that's one reason I'll never tire of the Shrek princesses - they don't have these unnerving bug eyes, and their noses don't look like pig snouts. Best of all, their lips aren't right under the nose. And they don't have these huge, arched eyebrows that practically touch whenever their expression changes. And this shouldn't be a big deal at all, but one of them actually has...short hair!
Those Disney girls just creep me out. And they're all the same. They can all fight and sing. They can all dance. It would be a wonderful change of pace if, just once, a princess cowered in the corner while her rescuer kicked ass, then timidly confessed that they can't dance, and oh by the way, their singing sounds like a tire running out of air. Or maybe she's just a stuck-up, gee, what's the word I'm looking for, oh yes, princess. Honey Melon and Rapunzel? The only difference is the length of hair. Stick Rapunzel in a science lab, and you've got twins. They're just clones illustrated by idealists. It's nice that Moana's eyebrows and wrists are thicker. But of course she can high-five a wave.
So? Would you change anything about the Disney princesses? If so, what is it?
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